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Proof that a bit of indulgence can be  good for you

How can something that tastesthis good not be wicked?

Alpro desserts not only taste heavenly, they’re full of plant goodness and not an ounce of animal fat, making each one a pure pleasure you won’t need to feel guilty about. You won’t find them in the supermarket fridge as they don’t have to be kept cool, but take them home & chill before enjoying to the full.

Enjoy Plant Power

Looking formoredesserts

Alpro Fruity and Creamy Cherry

Discover the whole range

  • 4x125g

    Alpro Sweet Creamy Caramel Dessert

  • 4x125g

    Alpro Devilishly Dark Chocolate Dessert

  • 4x125g

    Alpro Silky Smooth Chocolate Dessert

  • 4x125g

    Alpro Heavenly Velvet Vanilla Dessert

  • 525g

    Alpro Deliciously Dairy Free Custard